Certifications and Regulatory Requirement

We work at Plami as a team to assure that all our products are manufactured under the needs and specifications of our customers.


Quality Management System

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

RSGC 880

Manufacture of non-toxic, rigid, semi-rigid non-poisonous, rigid, PVC-type (polyvinylidene chloride) coated and non-toxic PVdC (polyvinylidene chloride) type flexible and calendered, cut or flattened non-toxic films. As well as the manufacture of coextruded polyethylene films.

ISO1 3

Food Safety System Certification 22000

Certificate IND.19.3891U/1

Manufacture of high density Polyethylene films for the  primary food packaging.



Drug Master File Number

(DMF) #17508 por la FDA (EEUU)   

Blister Films.