Furniture Industry


Material used in furniture manufacturing.  To embellish furniture works, we  put at your  reach our vast array  of printing designs and roll embossing  that merge  into one  laminated  film  to give  a great  possibility  of  combinations, emulating natural wood grains or solid colors films with high gloss finishing.



PVC films  engraved and stamped  on wood designs that imitate real streaks with different degrees of thickness, width and stiffness to be worked  on  membrane presses,  edge  banding  and flat  lamination machine.

Technical information

  • High performance.
  • High sealability.
  • Color/ Prints: Wide variety of designs, colors and engravings.
  • Applications: Furniture, Flooring, Edge bands.
  • Scratch resistance.
  • UV resistance.
  • According to specifications of each Product.
  • TBD by Costumer.