Currently Plami has a wide offer of PVC, PET and PE products that includes a complete range of solutions for industries, such as pharmaceutical, food, general packaging, furniture, graphic arts, construction, high frequency sealing, among others.


Premium quality thermoformable PVC films designed for the packaging of pharmaceutical, hygroscopic and photosensitive products.

Rigid and semi-rigid films of PVC and coextruded PET of 2 or more layers joined.


PVC and PET monolayer films, designed to obtain general purpose packaging by thermoforming.

Graphic Arts

Premium PVC films, both sides have an homogeneous engraving that facilitates the anchoring and deposit of different types of inks.

PVC films engraved and stamped on wood designs that imitate real streaks with different degrees of thickness, width and stiffness.


High resistance PVC floors, designed to be installed in heavy traffic areas.


Flexible or semi-flexible PVC films, designed to operate in electronic sealing equipment, straight sewing, printing and engraving.


Biodegradable products that provide safety and well-being to our planet by not producing toxic waste.


Geosynthetics used in geotechnical engineering applications to improve, change and maintain the soil characteristics.