Heavy Traffic Floors


High resistance PVC floors, designed to be installed in heavy traffic areas.



Colorful and resistant flooring designed to be installed in high traffic areas. Thickness and embossing that fits in gyms, hospitals, cinemas, offices and in a great variety of inner flooring instalations.

Technical information

  • Ware out resistance.
  • Noise absorption.Non woven back improves the mechanical resistance and adhesive fixation.
  • Designs: coin, non slip and printed.
  • Colors: Wide variety of solid colors.
  • 0.072”.
  • Width: 63”
  • Yardage: 32.8 yd.
  • Shore A > 90.  
  • Resistant to solutions of:            
    • 10% hydrolic acid.
    • 25% acetic acid.
    • 5% ammonia.
    • Bleach.
    • 5% sodium hydroxide.
    • Mineral Oil.
    • Thinner.
    • Muriatic acid.
    • Blood stains.

Our designs

Black coin design

Red coin design

Gray coin design

Blue coin design

Yellow coin design

Silver Non slip design

Black Non slip design

Red sablon print

Beige sablon print

Dark gray sablon print

Gray sablon print

Blue sablon print